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Is it OK to Let our kids Get Bored?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently, due to kids picking up various viruses and us having to stay in a bit more than normal, is it OK for them to be a bit bored? And I’ve come to the conclusion, that despite my ‘mum guilt’ whispering […]

What are Gross Motor Skills?

Gross motor skills are important skills needed for every day tasks such as standing and walking. What’s the difference between gross and fine motor skills?  Unlike Fine Motor Skill Activitie which require the small muscles in the hands and fingers, Gross Motor skill activities use the larger, core stabilising […]

How Toys Can Help Children With SEN

I wrote a Guest Post for Learning Resources UK this week, read a sample of it here:  ‘How Toys Can Help Children With Special Educational Needs Play is so important for all children and not just because it’s enjoyable, but it’s how children of all abilities and ages […]