Imaginative Play Activity

Review: Sound Lights by TTS 

It’s space week on The SEN Resources Blog and we’ve been fortunate enough to try out these fabulous Sound Lights by TTS. 

They light up green and red and record sound to play back. Keeping within our space theme we used them as buttons for part of our Imaginative rocket play! So much fun!

What did we like about them? 

  • Encourage Imaginative Play– With a quick press of the button the red light came on and we practised recording our best ‘5,4,3,2,1…blast off’. Then we let their imaginations run with it. They used the playback feature to countdown their missions to mars, the moon and beyond! It’s a wonderful resource for developing Imaginative Play as it’s so open ended. A brilliant tool for prompting an activity, sparking their imagination and then letting them get carried away in their creativity. 

  • Develop Speech, language and Communication Skills- We won’t just be using these this week for playing pretend rockets, this resource is going to be used regularly because it is brilliant at helping develop children’s speech, language and communication skills. Not only are children encouraged to speak more because of the incentive of being recorded, but by playing it back they can hear themselves and copy words and perfect their pronunciation. 

  • Easy to Use- I loved the simplicity of the design, making them very easy to use for children (and adults!) There’s a switch on the back with options of record, play and off. And once in the record position you just press the top of the light down until it’s red and beeps once- then you record! To play back, simply switch to play mode and press the light. Easy! 

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