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Review: Scratch and Draw Space by Top That Publishing

We were fortunate enough to try out the Scratch and Draw Space book.

A novel and fun, space themed book that encourages children to develop their drawing and mark making skills to create fantastic pictures!

What did we like about it? 

  • Unusual– The children were transfixed by this book and what they could create. It’s such a brilliant incentive for them to practise their pencil control.

  • Portable– It’s the perfect size to fit in a bag to keep children occupied during for car journeys, cafes etc. It also comes with the stylus (that’s attached!) so you don’t need to worry about forgetting or losing it.

  • Teaches children about Space: They have cleverly slipped in useful and interesting facts in this books to educate children on Space whilst they are drawing! There’s also a lovely story to engage kids.

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills– This is a fantastic resource for developing fine motor skills (read more about this here) and for developing hand strength.

  • The Fun Doesn’t End at the End of the Book! What I particularly loved about this book was that they include a section on ‘How to make your own scratch paper’ so that when the books complete children aren’t disappointed, as they can go on to make their own!

Want to buy one? Click on the picture below to be directed to Amazon

(Affiliate link)

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