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Review: Off to the Beach & Off to the Park

A couple of weeks ago we were sent a wonderful, tactile children’s book called Getting Ready by Child’s Play (see my review here). It’s an absolutely brilliant book and I even claim (see my twitter!) that it helped my toddler do up a zip on his jacket for the first time! 

We discovered that Child’s Play Int also have two more tactile books in the series Off to the Beach and Off to the Park  – and we were excited when we got our hands on them this week.

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I’m going as far as saying that these two books are the best ‘touch and feel’ children’s books that I’ve ever come across. They are very cleverly made, full of sensory experiences and great fun to read with children. 

What did we like about them? 

  • Stunning! The choice of colours, textures and pictures are wonderful- making two truly stunning books.

    • Range of Tactile Elements- I can’t stress enough how fantastic the tactile elements (touch and feel sections) in these two books are. They are absolutely incredible! In Off to the Beach there’s everything needed to fully imagine a day at the beach, including squishy wetsuits, shiny sunglasses and rough sand to pretend to jump in. In Off to the Park there’s ACTUAL shoe laces to tie (!), rough metal steps on the slide to feel and even the button on the Pelican Crossing to press!

      • Brilliant for Visual Impairment –  Not only do the amazing tactile elements of this book make it a great story for those who are visually impaired, but it also includes additional features. Including braille for the page number and key words and scratch and smell for the ice cream and ice lolly at the end of both books! 

      • Rhyme– The stories are written in rhyme, which is a brilliant way of further engaging children in the books. 

      • Repetition of Phrases– I loved that both books had key phrases that were repeated. Children love repetition and it can help them participate in the book by learning the key phrases and joining in saying them. Great for children who haven’t yet learnt to read, but want to take an active role in the story. 

      • Relevant Topics for Children- What’s particularly lovely about these two books is they are about relevant trips out for children. Going to a park or the beach is something that a lot of children will have had experience of and can therefore relate to. 

      Buy them on Amazon- click the photos below:

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        1. Brilliant! I have friends whose son is visually impaired and will buy these books for him. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.


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