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The teachers say my child is ‘absolutely fine’ in school..yet when they get home it’s a different story. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve been asked my advice this week on what to do if a child is having difficulties with their emotions and or behaviour when they get home from school. In my experience, this is incredibly common. And it can happen for a number of reasons such a hunger […]

Best Modelling/Play Dough Resources

What are the best play dough/ modelling resources for young children? One of our favourite ways to practise fine motor skills is by squishing, squeezing and shaping. But with so many types of play dough and similar resources available it can be tricky to know which ones to […]

Review Squishy Squashy Books

We’ve been trying out Imagine That Publisher’s brand new Squishy Squashy Books this week The Squishy Squashy Books with their fun short story, bright illustrations, cute characters and squishy ‘toy like’ animal are ideal for young children. In my opinion, they are also great for some older children […]