Children's Book Review

Review: Getting Ready

As a mum of 2, I know how difficult it can be to get children ready in a morning! For starters before 7am I’ve got to get 6 socks on 6 feet (including mine)! So when I discovered this book by Child’s Play (illustrated by Cocoretto) I was delighted to have a way of encouraging  my eldest to be more involved in getting himself ready in a morning! 

What did we like about it?

  • Interactive and Sensory- This book has a range of interactive and sensory components that make the book suitable for young children and some children with Special educational needs. These include a ‘touch and feel’ teddy, a cotton ‘bed sheet’ to pull back, a velcro toothbrush to touch and a silver foil spoon to observe and touch. 

  • Opportunity to Practice Zips- We loved that the book included a working zip to have a go with. Zips are notoriously difficult for children to master and it’s wonderful for children to get the opportunity to practice with one. Especially one that’s not on their coat when they are being rushed to leave the house! Practising the zip in their own time makes them much more likely to successfully accomplish it. 

  • Visual Guide of Morning Routine – By displaying a child’s morning routine in a visual and interactive manner it helps reinforce to children what steps are needed to get ready. This may be useful for some children to help reduce their anxiety over their routine. For example, for some children with autistic spectrum disorders. 

  • Engaging – My children genuinely love this book. For the simple reason that it’s fun! It has bright, bold colours, different textures, great pictures and it’s interactive. 


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