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Review: A Spooky Tale by Sue Wickstead

It’s Halloween so we’ve been reading A Spooky Tale- A Walk With Our Teacher this week, a gripping children’s book by Sue Wickstead. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Enthralling– My children were captivated by this exciting book. Each page we turned we wondered what we would see next! From bears to giant caterpillars- the book is truly unpredictable. 

  • Mapped out– We loved that the story is quite literally mapped out, with a book of the children’s journey at the front of the book. This is brilliant for encouraging discussions afterwards. 

  • Repetition– Each page ends with ‘That’s why we didn’t feel well’. Children love repetition of phrases. It allows them to participate in the story by remembering and saying the phrase themselves.

  • Phenomenal Illustrations– We absolutely adored the illustrations in this book. They are fun, colourful and full of detail and expression.


  • Humour– Without spoiling the ending..the last page of this book is amusing and had my children giggling! 

Other Children’s books by Sue Wickstead include:

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    1. A spooky tale is a fantastic, colourful page turner for choldren. The vibrant illustrations and scary journey will have your little one enthralled but not to scared!

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