How To Make a Paper Robin- Simple Bird Craft for Kids

Here’s a fun and simple activity to do with children- making a paper bird!

What do you need?

This craft activity requires very little equipment and is very easy to set up.

    Bowl/plate to draw round
    Felt tips or crayons
    PVA glue or glue stick

How do Children make it?

  • Step 1 : Make two circles by drawing round a bowl/plate

  • Step 2: Child/adult to cut the two circles out.

  • Step 3: Use bowl to draw semi circle on one of the circles.

  • Step 4: Colour the plain circle brown and the top section of the other circle brown. Colour the bottom section red.

  • Step 5: Cut the brown circle in half to make wings.

  • Step 6: Stick the wings on the other circle.
  • Step 7: Make eyes, feet and a beak and stick these on too!

What Skills Can Children Develop?

This activity is lovely and simple to set up and can help children develop a whole range of skills. For example:

  • Scissor Skills- Under supervision, it’s important that children are provided with opportunities to learn how to use scissors safely. They can only do this with hands on practise. This craft requires children to cut out circles, which can be challenging as it involves moving the paper and keeping at an angle whilst cutting.
  • Pencil Control- There are so many benefits to colouring in for example it can be relaxing and it helps develop fine motor skills and hand strength (have a read of all the advantages of colouring here) and this craft activity is fantastic for encouraging children to put pencil to paper.
  • Following Instructions– This activity can provide a great opportunity for kids to learn how to follow instructions. It’s not obvious from the first few steps how it’s going to become a bird, so children learn to listen carefully to the stages in order to create the end results

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