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12 Halloween Themed Books for Young Children

Here’s some of our favourite Halloween themed books for young children…and you’ll be pleased to see there’s no scary books in sight! Just fun books to dip their toes in the theme.  1. My Tail’s Not Tired (Child’s Play Library) We adore this book with its (definitely not scary […]

Review: The Forgotten Forest by Victoria Richards 

We’ve been reading this magical, enchanting and perfectly personalised children’s book today by Victoria Richards (Oh Zoe Books) What did we like about it?  Captivating Illustrations- WOW! The pictures in this book by Sas and Yosh are stunning- engaging children of all ages in the story. We loved […]

Top Ten Children’s Books About Aeroplanes

Here’s our Top Ten books for young children all about Aeroplanes! If you’re looking for children’s books on another topic- have a look what else we’ve covered here. 1. Rosie Revere, Engineer  This is the second time that we’ve featured this book in one of our ‘Top Ten’ lists […]

Why Children Need to Make Mistakes

One of the hardest things about being a parent, is letting your child make their own mistakes. It can seem counterintuitive to allow them to make a mistake- after all, we are hard wired to protect our offspring and keep them safe and happy. However, taking a step […]

Mini Review: One Magical Christmas

Title:  One Magical Christmas Why do we love it? Mesmerising illustrations and an exciting story of a teddy and doll finding their new home.  What makes it Christmassy? Father Christmas’ sleigh, toys and a Christmas ‘miracle’. Also the special moment on Christmas morning when children find presents under the […]

Mini Review: A Christmas Squirrel 

Title: A Christmas Squirrel by Mike Doodson Why do we love it?  A beautiful story to teach children the importance of generosity and kindness. The book also features superb, detailed illustrations of an array of adorable woodland animals -sure to engage young children.  What makes it Christmassy? A backdrop of snow, […]