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How Reading Helps Develop Children’s Speech, Language and Communication Skills 

I was honoured to be asked to write an article for the children’s book publisher- Imagine That. 

Here’s a sample of what I wrote: 

I’m Georgina, mum of two, qualified teacher/SENCo and I run The SEN Resources Blog (

It will come as no surprise therefore, that I believe reading is incredibly important for all children. 

In fact I’d go even further than that to say that reading is, in my opinion, one of THE best ways of helping to develop a child’s speech, language and communication skills.

Reading to your child provides special, one-to-one time. It’s enjoyable and provides a focused opportunity to listen to language and practise their own developing speech, language and communication skills. 

Books help children’s speech, language and communication skills throughout their childhood, in varying ways. From first sounds and words onwards!

Young children and babies learn a number of things from watching and listening to an adult read to them. For example, they learn the different sounds we can make and the way we form sounds using our mouths and lips. Through the use of books (such as cleverly designed baby books!) they also learn first words such as: colours, shapes and names of animals.

…continue reading on their website here

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  1. As always a very informative read. Some of the points you mention seem obvious especially struggling to pronounce some of the dinosaur names – but never thought it helpful for my kids to realise some words are tricky even for mum! Thanks.

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