How to Prepare your Child for Starting Primary School

We asked some reception teachers their advice for how to prepare children for starting primary school. Here are some of the things they said!

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What ways do you think parents can prepare children for starting primary school? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Starting school is such a big milestone and I think getting them excited about it is really important. If they keep hearing their parents saying how nervous they are about their kids starting school, they kids will think that school is something to be scared of and start being nervous too.

    One tip I have is to point the school out excitedly whenever you go past it – “that’s your school” – so that they can begin to take ownership of it. #blogcrush

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  2. I would also add the ability to carry a plate of food as that never seems to appear on a list for preparing for primary school, yet they have to carry their tray with food on from their first day.


  3. Encourage a child to choose a book, to turn the pages of the book, to look at the book a d talk about what they can see in the pictures and what might be happening. Tell their own story from the pictures.

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