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10 Toddler Friendly, Inexpensive, Home Made Presents for Father’s Day

Here’s ten (very easy to make!) presents for Father’s Day presents. Perfect to do at home with children or for nurseries, playgroups, preschools and primary schools*

1.Personalised Socks: Instead of buying some  socks, why not buy some plain socks and some fabric paint and get the kids to decorate them.

2. Plant a Seed in a Plant Pot– Plants make a lovely present. Even better if their little one has planted it themselves. All you need is a small plant pot, soil and a seed (sunflower or whatever else you fancy!) . You could even get the child to decorate the pot to make it even more special.

3. Personalised Tie– Ties make lovely presents, especially if they are personalised. Buy a plain tie and help the child to use fabric paints or silk paints to add their own design.

4. Rock Painting Paper Weight– Rock painting has taken the UK by storm this summer, and for good reason- kids love it! So a fun present could be a rock painted and varnished to be a paperweight.

5.Salt dough Ornament– Salt dough is unbelievably easy, really fun and quick to create. Have a read how here. They make lovely personalised presents.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 19.31.05.png

6. Framed Art-Children’s drawings are always very special and even more so when they are framed. If budget allows you could even put it on a canvas.

7. Photo in a Frame– Whether it be for at work or home, framed photos of the child with their loved ones make wonderful presents. All you need is a small frame and some paper and pens!

8. Shrinkles Key Ring- These are absolutely genius. Buy the shrinkles and then you get them to decorate pre drawn designs from the sprinkles sets, pop them in the oven for the specified time and ta dar (!) you’ve made a personalised, plastic key ring!
Some of the shrinkles packs contain everything you need to make the key rings (and other things!) or you can buy just the shrinkles plastic and your own key ring parts to make key rings out of their art work.

9. Bake some Biscuits– Who could resist some baked goodies by their child, especially with all the effort and thought that goes into them.

10. Voucher– I’m not talking about actual money vouchers, but vouchers for things like ‘a game of football in the park‘ or if the child’s old enough ‘help washing the car‘ Even better if the child is able to write and decorate the vouchers themselves.


*please note this blog post contains Amazon affiliate links, for more details please read our About Me Page

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  1. Aaaw I love the idea of personalised vouchers – so cute! And yes rock painting is huge this year – what a lovely idea to turn one into a paperweight. #blogcrush


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