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Making a Lion Mask. Guest Post by Buster

Making a Lion Mask

Guest Post by Buster

Traditionally lions are a golden colour but they don’t have to be. We made some very interesting blue and red ones!!

This is a really easy and fun mask to make – we looked at pictures of lions just to remind us (me) what they looked like. We experimented with the sounds our lions would make. We decided we would frighten dad when he got home from work.

You will need:

  • Paper plate (ideally unwaxed – easier to stick to)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Lollipop stick
  • Yellow and orange paper or wool.


Develops: Observational skills (definitely needed the picture of a lion), listening skills, hand eye coordination, imaginative thinking, fine motor skills, sharing scissors skill (we definitely need another pair!)

How to:

1. Cut up strips of the orange and yellow paper about 12cm long x 2cm wide. (Help required here)

2. Cut out the centre of the paper plate (assistance definitely required here) leaving sufficient margin to stick the mane too (strips of coloured paper or wool)

3. You could cut out 2 lion shaped ears!

4. Glue strips of coloured paper alternately yellow and orange (or whatever) around the paper plate.

5. Attach ears if required.

6. Glue a lolly stick at the bottom of the mask

7. Patience is required at this stage as the mask is left to dry. (Another very useful skill, one we are working on!)

8. Frighten dad! (Best bit).

Our guest blogger today is a very talented, well loved and experienced, retired teaching assistant/ICT teacher…and an absolutely wonderful person and friend of mine.


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