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Georgina Durrant

How to Make Water Rockets!

Todays activity is Water Rockets! Here’s how we made and launched our very own water rockets* . What did we use? Pop bottles Paper PVA glue Football pump Football pump adapter put in the middle of a wine bottle cork. Water Colouring crayons   How did we make […]

How to make a kaleidoscope

Here’s a lovely craft to make you’re very own kaleidoscope, which makes a fab sensory resource. We made our ‘under the sea’ themed to match this weeks theme. I’ve my mum to thanks for this fantastic craft idea! What do you need? Pringles/other tube Foil Sequins Clingfilm Paper […]

Peg Shark Craft!

Today’s activity is a really lovely craft which has the added bonus of being a great resource for developing fine motor skills and hand strength (these are really important skills for learning to write, find out more about fine motor skills here) What do you need? Card Glue […]