Review: EverDreamerz by Playmobil

This week we’ve been very fortunate to be able to try out a sample of the new range of toys by Playmobil, EverDreamerz. If you’ve not come across them yet, EverDreamerz centres around 5 best friends who come as collectable figures. Each figure comes complete with accessories in the most incredible boxes (opening them is part of the fun)!.

What did we like about them?

  • Element of Surprise! – You may wonder what on earth I’m talking about, saying that opening these boxes is part of the fun…but genuinely, if your child enjoys opening presents (who doesn’t?!) they will adore these sets. This is because the box is made up of mini compartments, parts to slide open, parts to rip open, hidden boxes etc. that you have to discover and then open to find more bits and pieces that go with your figure! The children found it all very exciting and I couldn’t help but think they would make really novel presents for birthdays and Christmas.
  • Collectible – Many children love to collect toys and I loved that these are designed as collectible figures. Theres 5, very unique, EverDreamerz friends to collect: Rosalee, Clare, Viona, Edwina and Starleen.

  • Accessories – Each of the figures comes with an array of different accessories, from a different animal, to a sign, extra clothes to clip on and even a charm bracelet for your child to wear!

  • Water Pens– One of our favourite parts about these toys was that they come with a water pen, that once filled up can be used to colour in some of the accessories! Amazing! And a lovely, unique addition!
  • Interactive- What’s very clever about the EverDreamerz toys is Playmobil have made each of the 5 friends into sort of Playmobil celebrities by having a digital, interactive platform of them online too! Not only does this appear to make them even more desirable but it also makes them a bit more cool!

  • Develop a range of skills– With my educational ‘hat’ on, these toys are fantastic for developing a range of skills for children. Small world play with figures, like these, can provide opportunities for practising communication and social skills (having the toys talking to one another and acting out real life situations). Physically opening the boxes and connecting the accessories together and using the water pen is also great fine motor skills practise- using those tiny muscles in the hands and figures that are so important to develop for learning to write etc.

Find them on amazon here

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