Painting Simple Christmas Silhouettes using Masking Tape 

This is a fun activity which enables even the youngest of children to create Christmas pictures easily. 

What do you need? 

  • Masking Tape
  • Paints 
  • Paper

How do you make them?

1.Either mask out the Shapes yourself using masking tape on paper, or if the child is able- encourage them to stick masking tape in the shape of a Christmas picture onto the paper. 

2. Then paint! (We used some brilliant, metallic, shiny paints called ‘Mermaid Paints’ by Hobbycraft that have a beautiful shine to them) 

3. Once dry- gently peel of the masking tape to reveal the Christmas shape! 

Optional extra– Decorate the Christmas picture afterwards. (We did a dinosaur too…not very festive but hey!) 

Like this activity?-follow our blog, we are doing an activity every day of advent! 

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