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How To Make Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments 

If you are wanting inspiration for home made Christmas presents or a Christmas activity to do at home, nursery, school or pre-school then Salt Dough is a great option! What do you need?  3/4 cup water 1 cup salt 2 cups flour  Playdough/biscuit cutters  What do you do?  […]

Mark Making 

For those of you that follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you may also have seen the messy fun we had on Friday trying out an array of wonderful equipment from Early Years Resources to help practise mark making.  What is Mark making? It’s simply making marks using […]

Sensory Paint Bags

We loved our wonderful guest post from Undercover Mumsy  a couple of weeks ago so much (read it here) that we’ve got another ‘painting in a zip lock bag’ activity to show you: What do you need? Paints (we used ArtWorks Poster Paints from The Works) Zip lock […]