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Best Resources For Helping Children Learn to Tell the Time

Learning to tell the time can be a particularly challenging task for many children. Not only do children have to understand the concept of time (which is difficult in itself!) but they also have to be able to read both an analogue and digital clock. This can be really hard for children and although it is usually covered at school in Year 1, many older children still find this difficult. So we’ve been searching this week for the best resources for helping children learn to tell the time and here’s what we have found. There appears to be lots of resources out there claiming to help children tell the time, so we were keen to make sure we found only the best one’s!

Many of them are found on amazon, so if you’re in a rush, skip to our Amazon Recommendation Page here.

Here they are*:

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  • The SEN Resources Blog’s Telling the Time Downloadable Activity Pack– I’ve been busy making lots of activity packs (see activity pack menu at the top!) for phonics as well as themed packs for Christmas, valentines day etc. But here is my activity pack for helping children to learn how to tell the time. It’s packed full of fun activities for kids to do to help them learn about telling the time…all whilst having fun! Download here . 



  • Twinkl – As usual, there’s some fantastic resources of Twinkl’s website for this area too. Theres some lovely worksheets and PowerPoints that can support children learning to tell the time. 


  • Special iApps– We love Special iApps, if you’ve not heard of them have a read of our post about them here.  Their time resources are available exclusively on their new app Special Words Plus. Find out more here.


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  • Tock The Learning Clock– Oh we love this! He’s a little talking clock robot that helps teach children to tell the time. It’s wonderfully interactive, chatting to the children whilst encouraging them to try moving the hands on his tummy to the correct time. He also has a little digital clock on his right foot, helping children to make links between the two. 

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  • Learning Resources Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock– Another fantastic resource from Learning Resources UK. This one doesn’t help with telling the time using an analogue clock, but helps them read the digital clock and importantly develop an understanding of how long periods of time are (an area that so many children struggle with). It’s also fantastic for giving children a visual count down, helping with transitions from task to task at school or at home. You could even use it to help with transitions such as turning off the tv, setting it for 4 minutes and showing them it counting down. The green light shows to start with, then as the time goes on it changes to amber and red, showing children how the time is running out. 

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  • The Book of Time (SEN Books)- This is an absolutely wonderful resource for teaching children to learn to tell the time with both an analogue and digital clock. Designed and compiled by Kathleen Paterson, this vast set of worksheets enables children to work independently to learn to tell the time. 

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 11.25.44

  • Telling the Time – This is a lovely workbook by Collins for telling the time for children aged 5-7. Lots of short, snappy activities helping children develop their understanding.

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  • Tell the Time Set –  I love this set by GALT. It has a whole range of activities and resources within it. From egg timers, to worksheets, stickers and clocks!

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  • Telling the Time Flashcards – Flashcards can be really helpful for some children, helping them to recall facts etc. These flash cards are great for children who enjoy being quizzed and have learnt to tell the time but still need to practise.

Buy on Amazon here.

  • Orchard Toys Whats the Time Mr Wolf – As you know, I’m a huge believer in the importance of learning through play…so this game (based on the familiar and ever popular Whats the Time Mr Wolf play ground game) is a real winner! A lovely, gentle way of learning to tell the time and becoming familiar with the concept of time through play.


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*Please note, we were sent some samples for review and there are amazon affiliate links (read our ‘about me’ section for more details)

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