How to Teach Children to Count to 10 …and then 20!

There are lots of fun ways to help teach kids learn to count to ten and then twenty..and beyond! Here’s some of our favourite activities: 

  • Nursery Rhymes and Songs- Counting songs are a brilliant way of perfecting reciting the numbers. They can help children remember the order of numbers, through repetition.  Some of favourites include: ‘Ten in the Bed’, ’10 Fat Sausages’ , ‘5 Little Ducks’, ’10 Green Bottles’, ‘Zoom, Zoom, Zoom’. A great visual aid to support some of these songs is the Numbers Bag by Twoey (see our review of it here)

  • Books – I’m a big believer in using books to support learning. Learning to count is no exception- books can really help engage children in learning to count. There’s some lovely books in the ‘ Ten little….’ Series by Imagine That  that can help support a child who’s learning to count. We found this series of books to be really unique and the range includes themes to suit every child’s favourite things- from Unicorns and Mermaids to Bears!

  • Counters- Counters are wonderful for developong children’s numeracy skills through play. Children can use them to practise counting and even learn how to do addition, subtraction etc. We absolutely adore these dinosaur counters by Learning  Resources UK. They are made to such a high quality, really colourful and just look like fun dinosaur toys! Great for engaging children in Maths through play- without them even realising that they can doing maths

  • Games– There are some fantastic games for helping children with counting. From traditional favourites which involve counting such as ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ and ‘Hide and Seek’ to some fantastic new games that can be purchased. We really like Crocodile Hop by Learning Resources UK– an engaging, competitive numeracy game for young children- which gets them rolling blow-up dices, dodging pretend crocodiles and balancing on stepping stone’logs’. We love that this maths game gets children moving (…wobbling and giggling!) whilst learning. 

 Another fantastic game we’d recommend for learning to count is Orchard Toys’ One Dog, Ten Frogs Game.   It’s a brilliant resource for consolidating counting skills as children are encouraged not only to count the number of animals on the (huge!) cards but also to match them. As you’d expect from Orchard Toys, it’s also brightly coloured, fun and really high quality. 

* All words and opinions are our own. But please note we were sent some products to try out and this post also contains some affiliate links to Amazon (further information can be found in my About Me section)

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  1. Thanks for sharing some of great ideas. I will be trying them with all the children in the setting because I think it will also benefit those with additional languages

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