How to Teach Children about Money

Teaching kids about money, coins and notes, can be such a fun topic. It’s also an incredibly important life skill that will help children navigate the big wide world they live in as they get older and more independent. 

With more of us grown ups using cards for paying for items at the shops, children are also getting less real life exposure to coins and notes, reducing their opportunities to learn about them.

Teaching about money also helps children to develop their numeracy skills in general- such as counting and addition.

Here are some fun, hands on activities to help teach the topic. 

  • Coin Rubbings- Simple and fun. Place the coin under some paper, then using a wax crayon, rub over the top of the crayon on the paper. 

    • Imprints or Make Coins– We used some Kiddy Dough from Hobbycraft and pressed the coins into them to leave imprints. We also tried making our own coins and copying the detail and shape of the different coins we have. 

      • Real Life Experiences– I personally think one of the best ways to teach children about money is is to include them in real life experiences that involve money. Take them to the bank, show them the coins when you are paying for things in a shop, let them have a go at paying for items etc. Also bring back the piggy bank! You could give them a token amount of money for doing some chores and let them count their coins and save up their money using a piggy bank. 
      • Grouping- Help children notice the differences between coins by asking them to group them into piles of the same coins. You can then extend their understanding and ask them to put the coins in value order. 

        • Digging for Treasure– The children loved doing this activity. Hide some coins in sand/dried rice/couscous and then get the kids to try and find them! Make it more challenging by asking them to find certain coins, match them or even just state which coin they have found.

          What do you do to teach your kids about money?

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