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Review: Shape Bag & Number Rhymes Bag

This week we’ve been having great fun learning maths skills with our 3D Shape Bag and Number Rhymes Bag by Twoey. Both are fantastic educational resources to engage children in basic maths.

The 3D Shape Bag contains 8 soft, chunky shapes with their corresponding name labels. Written guidance for how best to use the resource is also provided in the bag.

The Number Rhymes Bag comprises of felt pieces (with velcro to stick them to the bag) to support popular number based nursery rhymes: ‘5 Little Ducks’, ’10 Fat Sausages’, ’10 Green Bottles Hanging on a Wall’ and ‘1,2,34,5 ‘.

What did we like about it?

  • Fun, Interactive Method of Learning Basic Maths Skills- Both resources teach maths skills (shapes and numbers) through play! Children can interact with the activity by touch, feel and song. Fabulous,  fun ways of engaging children in learning.
  • Encourages Tactile Learning– We particularly liked that the 3D shapes aren’t heavy and don’t have sharp edges/points. Making them easy and safe for little ones to hold, feel and explore. Children will also love touching and feeling the soft, felt peices that accompany each Nursery Rhyme from the Number Rhyme Bag.

  • Colourful –  The shapes and the accompanying drawstring bag are bright, bold and colourful- enticing children to engage in the activity.

  • Written Guidance– We loved that the resource came with guidance and suggestions of activities. These really help adults and children make the most out of the resource. The 3D shape bag comes with a word search. We found it very useful that the number rhyme bag has the words for the songs!
  • They are in a Bag! Might sound like a ridiculous point, but stay with me.. I’m yet to find a child who’s not intrigued and excited by a bag with ‘something in it’. There’s something about the mystery and unknown of a closed bag that sparks the imagination! (…and I liked the bag for keeping it all organised and tidy!)


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  1. I’m pleased to be able to say I have actually seen these shape bags and number rhyme bags – they are very well constructed in bright colours and as they can be hung up from their drawstring are space saving in the classroom.


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