Review: Carddies

We’re excited to share with our lovely readers this 12% discount code for Carddies if you buy them via Amazon. Have a read- great activity for children that love colouring and imaginative play. It’s also fantastic for keeping children entertained on journeys as it’s so portable and fits in a small bag.

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We’ve been trialling a fantastic, creative, colouring set for children this week called Carddies.

We’ve also got a discount code for 12% off Carddies if you buy them via Amazon (find out more at the end of the article)

We chose the Farm Set and Family 1 Set, but there were many exciting Carddies boxes to choose from including Cave Men & Sports.

Each pack includes 12 figures with stands and a backdrop to colour using the 12 colouring pencils provided!

What did we like about them?

  • Portable – The packs are small enough to easily put in a bag to take along to cafes or on long journeys. Great for keeping kids occupied without taking up too much room. We loved that they (unlike many colouring books) came complete with crayons.

  • Promote Imaginative Play-The Carddies Packs are fabulous for promoting imaginative play– which is important for…

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