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Review: Create-a-Space™ Storage Center

I’m always looking for ways to encourage children to put pen to paper more often and the Create-a-Space Storage Center by Learning Resources UK has definitely achieved that.

Brightly coloured, this storage centre sits in the middle of a table and can be filled with various writing and drawing materials. 

What did we like about it? 
Encourages Children To draw and Write– I’ve been astounded by the difference this has made in my house. No exaggeration, but since popping it on our table, the kids have asked to ‘do drawing and writing’ at every meal time …and often in between! And it’s not really surprising- it makes using a pen look more appealing! It also acts as a visual reminder to children to draw. 

– Accessible– We loved that children can use this easily themselves. It turns round meaning they can rotate it to find the implement they want and then when they choose they can lift out that compartment. Great for encouraging sharing and independence too. 

Multi use– We love having one at home but it would be brilliant in a classroom setting to help organise equipment and encourage children too. 

Find the Create-a-Space Storage Center on Amazon here

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