Review: Sleepy Light

Bedtimes have been transformed in our house this week by the addition of this stylish and absolutely stunning Sleepy Light by This Little Piggy

Complete with a (very exciting and colourful!) remote control, this light can change colours to calm little ones and help them drift off the sleep. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Stylish– It is beautifully simple and utterly stylish- meaning both younger and older children would like it.  My children absolutely love it and it’s genuinely made bedtimes something to look forward to, for my youngest. 

  • Settings– The range of options and settings is brilliant, helping to make the light suit your child’s personal needs, likes and dislikes. It lights up in a range of colours and even has four brightness levels for each colour. There’s also some very clever options such as (our favourite) Rainbow button and the Sleep button. The Rainbow option slowly displays each colour changing into the next in a cycle. The Sleep button – automatically dims the light and completely switches it off after one hour. 

  • Control– Another aspect the children particularly liked about the Sleepy Light is that they could  be in control of the settings. The remote has no words/numbers on it to read, just colours and symbols- making it so simple for children to use. Bedtime is often so full of (important) rules with children having to brush their teeth, put pajamas on, stay in bed etc that its nice to provide them with something that they have control over. Giving the children this small amount of independence and choice really helped make bedtimes more enjoyable at our house. 
  • Sensory Experience– Watching the light projected through the acrylic picture gently fade from one colour to the next is incredibly therapeutic. It’s a wonderful sensory experience for young children as well as anyone who benefits from visual, sensory stimulation. It doesn’t just have to be used as a bedtime light, it could be used as a way of helping children who are feeling overwhelmed/stressed/anxious to regain calm- by providing them with a focus. 

  • Night Light– Lastly, we loved that we could use it as a night light. It’s great as it’s not too bright. The gentle glow it provides, helps children who aren’t too keen on the dark, or who may need the light for late night trips to the toilet etc. 

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