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Review: Yoto Player (my new favourite resource)

I’m not exaggerating at all when I tell you that this week I have discovered my new, absolute favourite resource, The Yoto Player and I’m also not exaggerating when I tell you, that for us, this has completely transformed the children’s bedtimes by not only making them quicker […]

Review: Sleepy Light

Bedtimes have been transformed in our house this week by the addition of this stylish and absolutely stunning Sleepy Light by This Little Piggy.  Complete with a (very exciting and colourful!) remote control, this light can change colours to calm little ones and help them drift off the […]

Review: Toddler Cuddle Bed

Sleep is the holy grail in parenting circles. Having children who don’t sleep well, not only affects the child but can impact on their whole family. Whether it be children struggling to get to sleep, waking in the night or getting up too early- it can be incredibly […]

Review: My Hummy Sleepyhead 

As part of our focus on Sleep on our blog, we were kindly sent a MyHummy Sleepy Head  to try out. It’s an adorable, beautifully packaged, soft white-noise sleep aid- created to help babies, toddlers and children sleep better. White noise sleep aids are believed to eep a […]

Top products to help kids sleep 

This week I’ve been writing all about sleep on my blog. We’ve reviewed some new products, discussed routines and had a wonderfully honest and open guest post.  From the comments and discussions it’s clear that what works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for another. But also that […]