fine motor skills

Introducing Colours and Mixing Colours- Simple Art Activity for Kids

 I was so amazed with how much the kids got from this (incredibly easy to set up) task of experimenting with mixing paint colours together. Often the simplest activities really are the best. 

What did we do? 

Set up a large piece of paper, paint brushes and 3 paper plates with different coloured poster paint on (blue, yellow and red) 

Then left them to it……(with supervision!)

Through their experimenting, questioning and play they discovered how to mix colours to make orange, green, purple and brown. Practised mark marking and developed fine motor skills

They also explored how to make the shades of colours darker and lighter by changing the proportions of coloured paint. 

The result was happy, occupied children who were proud to have discovered something new for themeselves…and a beautiful painting to go on the fridge door!

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