Educational Book Review

Review: ‘100 Ideas’ Series (Bloomsbury)

I’ve  been reading a selection of Special Educational Needs books from the 100 Ideas for Teachers  (Bloomsbury)

I’ve also been reading their book on School Readiness by Claire Ford,  as part of our focus on helping children who start school in September

What did we like about them? 

Packed full of ideasPerhaps stating the obvious (but the point has to be made) as the book titles suggest..there are 100 ideas for each book. This provides such a range of suggestions to help teachers and other education professionals. And ultimately, help the children they are working with- as in my opinion there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach when it comes to strategies for children.

Different StylesWhat’s interesting is the books aren’t all written by the same author, making the writing styles and ideas varied. It also means you feel confident as a reader that the advice is useful and practical, because each author chosen for each theme is an expert in their field. 

Same FormatWe loved that there were different authors as this made reading a few of the books one after another, more interesting. However, I was pleased to see that each book follows the same (may I say brilliant) format. They are all split into the 100 ideas and each idea has a in context quote and summary, teaching tips and/bonus idea/extension  as well as a couple of paragraphs explaining the idea. 

Dip into- I read the books back to back as part of the review process. However, one of the best things about these books is they can be ‘dipped into’. They are fantastic for flicking through and finding novel, interesting and engaging ideas. Let’s face it, time is a premium for teachers and other education professionals. So having a book that’s so easy to browse and discover tried and tested suggestions- is incredible valuable. 

Find a copy on Amazon here

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