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Review: Hape Street Surfer 

Gross motor skill activities, those that use and develop the core, stabilising muscles, are incredibly important. Not only do they help children stand, walk, run and jump. But they are also important for helping develop fine motor skills too. Find out more about gross motor skills here. 

Resources like bikes, scooters and trampolines are fantastic for mastering gross motor skills in a fun way. 

We were therefore delighted to review the Hape Street Surfer. A beautifully designed children’s scooter. 

What did we like about it?

 Unique– This scooter is stunning and unique. I’ve not seen any other scooters like it. It’s wooden base is almost like a skate board, making it really appeal to kids!

Stability- We loved that this scooter has an extra wide wheel base, making it much more stable. Also means it doesn’t fall over when you step off! In terms of other safety aspects, we were pleased to see that they advise that children should be supervised by adults, avoid areas of traffic and wear protective gear when using the scooters. 

Develop Gross Motor Skills and Balance– As I mentioned, scooters like the Hape Street Surfer, are a fun way of helping children to develop their gross motor skills. Find out more about why gross motor skills are so importnant here

Children loved it! – Most importantly, the Hape Street Surfer is great fun! The kids enjoyed learning how to scoot around on it (…and argued over who’s turn it was next!) 

Indoor and Outdoor Use- Although we have been very fortunate to have had some fantastic weather recently for getting out on the scooter, im sure we will have some wet weather ahead of us. So we were delighted to see that it can be used indoors as well. Great resource for keeping kids active during rainy, colder days too! 

Find it on Amazon here 

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