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Review: Activity Apron by Colemoi

When we asked primary school teachers which skills are useful for children to focus on in preparation for primary school, many advised teaching children how to get dressed themselves. Not only is this a useful skill for changing for PE lessons but it also helps children go to the toilet more independently. (Have a look at top tips for school preparation here

We were therefore delighted to try out the Activity Apron by Colemoi. A genius resource for helping children learn to do zips, buttons, poppers, velcro and other fastenings in a fun way! Brilliant for preschool children and useful for some children with special educational needs who may be focusing on how to get dressed independently . 

What did we like about it?

  • Variety of Fastenings-What’s  fantastic about this Apron is the sheer number of different types of fastenings you can practise, helping children to become more independent. By wearing the Apron it means children are able to practise the fastenings properly in a realistic way on themselves.

    • Fun– With its bright colours and high quality materials the children viewed the Apron as a game. This was wonderful as they were self motivated to achieve and enjoyed having a go at the different fastenings. Often children only get opportunities to practise doing zips, buttons etc when they are in a rush to get ready to go somewhere- so it was great to provide them with the time (and element of fun) to practise.

      • Aid development of Fine Motor Skills– In my opinion, it’s not just great resource for learning to do fastenings. It’s also brilliant for developing fine motor skills in general. By having a go at the buttons, zips etc children are building the tiny muscles  in their hands and fingers that are important for other tasks such as learning to write, hold a knife and fork correctly etc. 

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