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Review: Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine (July)

We needed a break from the beautiful sunshine this week and what better way to spend a couple of hours in the shade, than to complete the fun activities in The Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine.

For those of you who haven’t bought it before (or read my previous blog posts) the magazine is fun and educational and based on the Mr Tumble Something Special TV Programme. It’s aimed at all pre-school aged children and is particularly useful for those with special educational needs and disabilities.

What do we like about it? 

The magazines are packed full of stories, colouring pages , stickers, activities, crafts and includes makaton signing system on every page. They are great fun and very educational. We also love that the magazine promotes awareness of special educational needs and disabilities. 

This Month’s Magazine: July


A brilliant set of toys in this month’s magazine. Grandad Tumble’s Pet Set includes a toy dog, cat, bowl, basket and Grandad Tumble. I loved that there were enough different toys for the children to share. An ideal magazine for siblings. 

Knowledge learnt:

July’s edition teaches children a whole range of topics in a fun and interactive way. We learnt about: 

Animals– Not only does the magazine cover pets & farm animals but it also features various different British wildlife with Mr Tumbles Walk Activity. Children follow the dotted line with a pen to ‘go for a walk’ and stick on the animals he sees on his way. Lovely way of introducing and talking about our wildlife and farm animals. 

Doctors- Going to the doctors or hospital can create a lot of anxiety for many children. Therefore, I was delighted to see the magazine had dedicated a whole double spread to learning about doctors. Through the various fun activities (including drawing, colouring and sticking) children are familiarised with what a doctor does, hopefully building their confidence for any future appointments. 

Feelings- Distinguising and explaining feelings can be a particularly challenging task for many children. This colourful page helps children to understand the main emotions people feel and includes the makaton signs for each of them. 

Skills developed 

Basic Maths– July’s edition has plenty of opportunities to practise and develop basic maths skills. There are activities to reinforce number recognition, number formation and counting. The best part is, children won’t even know they are learning maths as it is cleverly intertwined into fun activities. 


Creativity– If you like craft activities then this month’s magazine certainly doesn’t disappoint. There’s two cutting and sticking activities- making a house for the pets and creating a star mobile! 

We loved that the star mobile involved threading the stars onto string (great for those fine motor skills

Pre-writing Skills – As with all the Mr Tumble Something Special Magazines there are well planned, fun activities to help develop pre-writing skills. 


Favourite Activity:  Our favourite activity this time was the beautiful elephant Collage activity. Collages develop a number of skills and children often take such pride in their finished creations. We love that the magazine supplies a page of different coloured/patterned paper to cut out for the collage- meaning you don’t have to go searching for your own paper! 

Please note this blog post is Sponsored and we also received a copy of the magazine for review. However, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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