Review:School Days & Brownie Lottie Dolls

We were delighted to try out two gorgeous Lottie Dolls this week. Inspired by real children, the Lottie Doll range are wonderful for empowering kids and promoting inclusivity. 

The children have been playing with School Days Lottie and Brownie Lottie. 

School Days Lottie comes complete with school shoes, uniform, back pack, glasses, scarf and even 10 cards with leadership tips for girls. Find her on Amazon here

Brownie Lottie comes with her brownie guide uniform, trainers and hoodie. 

What did we like about them? 

  • Prepare Children for School– We thought School Days Lottie was ideal for children who are starting primary School in September. Playing with Lottie School Days (getting her reading for school and pretending she’s in the classroom) could help to prepare them and get them excited for their first day. In my opinion, this type of imaginative play is a brilliant way for children to make sense of upcoming events and process concerns. 

    • Promote Inclusion– The message that the creators of Lottie Dolls are trying to get across to children is fantastic. Through designing a range of different Dolls, from Fossil Hunter Lottie to Stargazer Lottie, they are showing children that no matter what their gender, ability or ethnicity they are capable of achieving their dreams.  

      • Adorable-  The Lottie Dolls are absolutely gorgeous and the children have really enjoyed playing with them. We loved that they have childlike faces, which makes them relatable and promotes a more positive self image. 

      buy on Amazon here

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