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Review: Magformers Sea Adventure Set (Plus 10% Discount Code!)

It’s our Sea Themed week on The SEN Resources Blog and we were extremely excited to try out the Magformers Sea Adventure Set. 

Have a read of our review and use our 10% Discode Code SENRES10 on their website

If you’ve not come across Magformers before, or read our previous reviews of their sets– Magformers are an exciting, innovative construction toy for children. The different shaped pieces cleverly contain magnets enabling them to attract together and hold in place, to build awesome creations. 

The Magformers Sea Adventure Set, contains 32 colourful Magformer pieces and an instruction booklet guiding children (and adults!) on how to build ocean themed animals and vehicles. 

What did we like about it?

  • Develops Skills- What we particularly love about Magformers is how educational they are (don’t tell the kids!) whilst they are busy playing they are also developing their creativity, fine motor skills, basic maths, science and engineering skills. It can also be a fantastic toy for helping children build social skills, as it’s great to play it with friends too. 

  • Unusual Pieces– We have a few sets of Magformers, but what’s great is each set is unique and offers something else. You’re not just buying another box of the same pieces. The Sea Adventure Set comes with some really interesting pieces, with my eldest’s favourite being the ‘Propeller Piece’. It’s magnetic and the red parts of the propeller can by pulled out to lengthen the blades! In the words of my eldest ‘this is the best piece in the whole entire world’ 

  • Reasonably Easy– We loved the Dinosaur Magformers Set for their challenge (see our review here), but for younger children we found the Sea Adventure Set to be pitched at an absolutely perfect level. The builds aren’t too complicated and the pictorial instructions can be followed with ease. 

  • Great ThemeThe Sea Adventure Set is a brilliant theme as it appeals to everyone. There’s a whole range of suggestions of sea related creations to build, from sea creatures to sea vehicles. 

Buy it via the Magformers website using Discount Code SENRES10 for 10% off. 

*Please note, we were sent a set of Magformers for review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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    1. Just bought a set and have enjoyed helping my grandchildren construct most of the sea creatures suggested, and some new ones!


    2. #thesatsesh J loved these! He had them at Nursery and I use to have to preen him away, they are so diverse and I think a nice step prior to block (Lego etc) building. I also think the instructions are great nit just for parents, but as they get older.

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      • Thanks for your lovely comment.You are so right, definitely diverse and yes I’m hoping as mine get older they will still love playing with them, especially when they can use the instructions all by themselves to create builds. If you do get some for little one at home, please feel free to use our discount code SENRES10 on their website for 10% off xx

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