Review: Susie Speedboat & Sunny Submarine 

As part of our Sea Themed Week on The SEN Resources Blog we tried out these two fabulous toys by WOW Toys! Susie Speedboatand Sunny Submarine Toy 

What did we like about them?

  • Very Fun Bath Toys – These two toys have honestly transformed bath time for my little one. We recently had real problems with her fear of bath-time (read about it here) and these toys, as well as a few other changes to our routine, have made her happy in the bath again! 

    • Sunny Submarine’s Awesome Propeller–  Its not just a simple submarine toy, if you turn Sunny Submarine round it powers the propeller to turn. Wind him up then launch him into the bath and he whizzes around the water VERY quickly! Absolutely brilliant fun for little ones. 

      • Susie Speed Boat Opens Up-We thought Susie Speedboat was a pretty good toy with it’s adorable design and accompanying sea animals, but when we discovered it opens up to reveal a secret cabin (with a table set for cake!) we were even more impressed. As Grandma explained to my little ones ‘like a Polly Pocket but without the small peices!’ And she’s right. There’s the magic of being able to open it up to reveal a secret space, but there’s no small pieces, making it safe and suitable for babies and young toddlers. It’s also fantastic in the bath, as it fills up with water then pours out of the purpose built hole in the front. 

        • Range of Ages– We love WOW Toys (read our previous reviews here) and these two certainly didn’t disappoint. One of the things we really like them for, is their suitability for a range of ages- making them great for siblings. It also gives the toys longevity as they can be enjoyed from babyhood right up until 5 year olds (and perhaps beyond)

          Buy them on Amazon using the links below 

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          1. Enjoying this sea themed week! Both the Susie speedboat and sunny submarine look amazing. Will definitely be buying. Love the fact they don’t need batteries!!

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