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Review: Magformers (Plus Discount Code for 10 % off!) 

To say that the kids have enjoyed playing with their Magformers sets, would be a complete understatement. I would go as far as saying it is my eldest’s new favourite toy. So much fun in fact, that he skipped lunch (for the first time ever) because he was too busy playing and creating!

For those of you who haven’t spent the afternoon drinking coffee and watching children absorbed in playing with Magformers (…another reason I love them, I never normally get time to drink a hot drink!) Magformers are square and triangular pieces of plastic with magnets inbuilt on each side of the shape. The sides attract each other, allowing you to ‘stick’ pieces together and build and create!

We were kindly sent two sets to review:

What did we like about them?

  • Children LOVE Them– It’s wonderful when you find a toy that truly engages your children and provides hours of fun…and Magformers are certainly one of these toys.  (Can I mention again how absorbed my kids were in playing that I got to drink a hot coffee?!) 

  • Alternative Building Toy– I actively encourage children to play with building toys as I believe they have so many learning benefits (developing fine motor skills, creativity, problem solving, concentration). And it’s fantastic to find a new, novel and interesting building toy in Magformers. What’s also great about Magformers is they don’t take up very much space at all, and they stick together, meaning they don’t take over you’re entire house & they are portable!

  • Fine Motor Skills – Magformers are great for developing Fine Motor Skills because they require children to pull the pieces apart, manipulate them into position and attach onto new pieces- all of these use and develop the tiny muscles in the hands and fingers that are required for important tasks such as learning to write. They are also a fantastic resource for developing hand strength & coordination.

  • Creativity- My children loved that Magformers have the potential to become anything! Endless possibilities that inspire creativity.

    • Following Instructions & Problem Solving–  For those that crave more structure or inspiration, or when used in an educational setting,  the Magformers My First Play 32-Piece Building Set  also comes with two fantastic books that guide you through building the various differnt objects, starting with laying out the nets then pulling them into position. The books also teach children the basics of forming shapes, in a fun and interactive way. The

Magformers 63094 WOW set is accompanied by photographs of the various vehicles and outlines of the shapes that can be made using the set, helping to inspire children.

  • STEM– There’s so much science, technology, engineering and maths that could be covered and learnt together whilst playing with Magformers. From magnetism, forces to learning how to build strong structures and form shapes.

Buy one on their Website using our Discount Code SENRES10 for 10% off!


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  1. My son has magformers, an amazing toy. Really enjoy playing with them as a relaxing pre bedtime toy.

    Need to buy another set to build some more adventurous creations.

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  2. Wow these look great, I may look at getting these for my daughter as she would love playing with them, and I’m sure skip lunch or dinner like your son. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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    • They are ace aren’t they. Use my discount code for some money off on their website if you do go ahead and get some. Also it’s or dinosaur themed week on the blog next week and we have some very exciting dino magformers to show, so please come back and have a look!!


    • It’s brilliant! Still playing with it here,you’re very welcome to use our discount code for 10% off on their website. We’ve also got a very cool dinosaur one to show next week on our blog as part of our dino week; would love you to come back and see 😊


  3. Sod the kids, I would love these! I love to fiddle with things like magnets and tactile shapes. My son who is autistic would certainly love these too

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    • Haha! I must admit, I’ve played with them a fair bit!! They are brilliant, would genuinely recommend them- by far the most played with toy in our house at the moment. And lovely that it’s educational too. Please feel free to use my discount code SENRES10 if you so buy any on the Magformers website xx


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