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Home Learning Activity: Imaginative Play Pet Show

Today’s activity is a great one for children that enjoy imaginative play! It can also be a lovely way of getting children to put pen to paper and practise their writing and number formation, through play. (If you like this video, head over to my YouTube channel here […]

Our Current Favourite Imaginative Play Toys

Many children enjoy submerging themselves in imaginative play. Here are our current favourite imaginative play toys. Playing imaginatively can be a brilliant form of play for developing speech, language and communication skills as well as social skills- through pretend/role play. Playmobil 9062 Family Fun Penguin Enclosure– We are […]

Review: Pop Out and Play Series

This week we’ve been reading (…and playing) with two brilliant board books from the series Pop Out and Play by Robyn Gale and illustrated by Barry Green (Imagine That Publishers). If your children like imaginative play, love role playing what they’ve read in a book and enjoy holding […]