Imaginative Play Activity

Review: Single Car Panel by Twoey 

I adore Imaginative Play with children. I believe it is vital to their social development. I even wrote a whole post about it recently (see here).

 In my experience children love the open endedness of Imaginative Play, and can often get a lot out of playing with a simple cardboard box.

 But what happens if you want the same open ended play of a box- but (let’s be honest..) you would quite like to have the pleasure of buying them something more exciting and durable? 
I think I may have found the answer. We discovered Twoey sell a Wooden Car Panel that provides a platform for (literally) hours of imaginative play.

What did we like about it? 

  • Easy to Build– It couldn’t be any simpler to build- just 3 pieces of wood slotted together. No screws/nails too. If it was a bit lighter I’m pretty sure my toddler could build it himself! 

  • Stylish and Good Quality. It looks very stylish and the wood is very smooth and splinter free. I initially thought it would be a good ‘toy’ for in the playroom or outside on a sunny day, but it’s beautiful design persuaded me to put it pride of place in my toddlers bedroom. It would look fantastic in a nursery/preschool setting also!

  • Imaginative Play – drive it, wash it, fill it with petrol, take it to the mechanics- weve done it all! We’ve even turned it into a ‘car den’! The beauty of such a simplistic toy is it’s endless possibilities for play. It also develops important imaginative Play skills, helping children to make believe. 

  • Develops Social Skills and Communication Skills-  We found this toy to be a brilliant way of getting children to play with each other as opposed to along side each other. It also helped develop speech and communication skills, encouraging children to chat away about where they were pretending to drive to and what they could see out the window! 

Want to buy one? Click here to buy on Amazon 

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