How to Make a Collage Christmas Tree 

Today we had the exciting task of creating our Christmas Tree! 

(Don’t worry it’s gone back in the garage until December.) 

Where did we get the kit from?

B Creative sell 4ft Cardboard Christmas Trees (£11.99, or 5 for 35.99 excluding VAT) that you (as your kids) can paint / decorate! 

How did we decorate our cardboard tree? 

  • We collected (a lot!) of different paper and card: scrap tissue paper, crepe paper, paper, wrapping paper etc. A great way to use up all the left over, scrap paper. 

  • We ripped and cut the paper into irregular, small peices and put them in a bowl.

  • We mixed PVA glue with water to make a paste. Painted the cardboard tree side in glue paste. Then stuck all the paper peices on randomly.

  • Repeated for the other sides

  • Put the two cardboard peices together to form the tree. 

The cardboard tree also came with baubles and a Christmas star to decorate! 

It’s my favourite Christmas tree! Wonderful fun to create, easy to do with all ages and abilities and something the whole family can be really proud of! 

We did collage for ours, but you could paint or colour it too. 

You Baby Me Mummy

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