Sensory Art & Craft Activities 

Art and Craft can provide wonderful Sensory experiences for all children, in particular for those with Special Educational Needs.

Here are 3 of our favourite Sensory Art and Craft activities for children, please click on the links/photos to find out more:

The Works kindly sent us the Art and Craft Materials that feature in this post.

What did we liked about The Works Art and Craft materials?

  • Fantastic value for money
  • The ArtWorks Poster Paints pots come in a case that prevents them from tipping over and spilling.

  • There’s a great range of colours in both the poster paints and watercolour paint sets as well as the felt tips.

  • Big Bag of Craft was like a treasure trove for children! Such a range of exciting craft materials from Googly eyes to pipe cleaners. Hours and hours of fun creating!

Lucy At Home

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  1. Absolutely love The Works. We are big craft fans here, can’t go wrong with some ova glue and goggly eyes, they provide hours of entertainment xx #blogcrush


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