Children's Book Review

Review: Daphne and the Smiley Shells by Vicki Tongeman

We’ve been reading the lovely Daphne and the Smiley Shells by Vicki Tongeman this week. A gorgeous children’s book that provides strategies for children to build their self confidence and deal with difficult situations. 

What did we like about it?

  • Relevant to Children– The main character Daphne is laughed at for not being good at surfing. Children inevitably at some point have to deal with other children being unkind. Therefore, this book will be helpful in making them realise they’re not alone and that there are positive ways to deal with situations. 

  • Stunning &Unique Illustrations. The illustrations by Ces Creatively are beautiful and unusual. They compliment the story and the characters perfectly. 
  • Advice Sought from Grandad– This was my favourite part of the book. I love that Daphne seeks advice from her grandad. It sends such a good message out to children that it’s important and helpful to share their worries with their families. 

  • Strategies to Help Children– Vicki Tongeman includes a fantastic idea in this book to help children feel positive about themselves. Daphne’s grandad suggests thinking of at least five good things about herself (things she’s done or things she likes about herself). For each one she needs to put a shell in a jar. A fabulous strategy for helping children build self confidence and a positive self image. In the story Daphne found that after using this strategy she was more confident and less bothered by unkind friends. The strategy also helps children to visualise what they would like to happen or what they would like to be good at- and work towards it.  

  • Guidance on the Final Page- After reading that Daphne had made a ‘Smiley Shell Jar’the child I was reading to insisted that they wanted to “make one too!!” I was therefore delighted (and relieved!) to see there were instructions and guidance on the last page on how to make one at home. What’s great is, Vicki Tongeman suggests alternatives to Shells if you’ve not got easy access to a beach. She also explains why these activities are beneficial. 

Buy it here, on Amazon:

(Affiliate link) 

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