Review: Wobbly Garden by Fiesta Craft Toys

We’ve been playing Wobbly Garden this week:  a wonderful, wooden, wobbly game by Fiesta Crafts Toys.

The aim of the game is to try and balance all the wooden pieces on the wooden ‘garden’ board without them falling off. Children can play it by themselves or take turns to have a go with friends and family. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Beautifully made- handmade and hand painted, this toy makes a fabulous addition to any child’s toy box. 

  • Develops Balancing Skills-  the game isn’t as easy as it looks and requires children to think about where and how they place each piece in order to make sure they don’t all fall off! Developing balancing skills and learning how to grip and place objects with less pressure. These skills are fundamental for children’s development.

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills- picking up the wooden pieces and placing them on the board requires the use of the tiny muscles in the hands and fingers. This develops their fine motor skills. Again, this skill is imperative as fine motor skills are important for learning to write, do up zips, buttons etc. 

  • Encourages Turns Taking- this game is a great introduction for toddlers into family games and how to  take turns (a difficult concept for many little ones!) 
  • Fun! My kids were in fits of giggles playing this game, it really is good fun.

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