Review: Magnetic Tell the Time by Fiesta Crafts Toys 

This week I’ve been teaching how to tell the time with the help of Fiesta Craft Toys’ Magnetic Tell the Time set. 

The Pack contains a clock on a board with moving hands, 58 magnetic pieces (numbers, words and activity pictures) and a wipe clean pen. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Bright, Bold and Fun! It’s bright colours make it an appealing learning resource for kids. Encouraging children to want to learn how to tell the time. 
  • Analogue and Digital Clocks- Despite most of our clocks now being in digital format, it is still imperative (in my opinion) that children learn how to tell the time using an analogue clock. Therefore, we loved that this resource teaches both analogue and digital. 

  • Shows the Time in 24 Hour and 12 Hour– It is also important for children to know how to tell the time in both 24 hour and 12 hour formats, which this Clock supports. 

  • Incorporates Child’s Routine: The Clock comes with Activity Magnets, for example ‘bath time’ and ‘breakfast’. Children can link it to their own routine and times (and even write/draw their own activities!)- giving them more ownership with the task. This also helps children who find routines and structure important.

  • Extends Learning- We loved that on the the reverse side are ’empty’ clocks for a child to draw the hands on and practise writing the time. A great way to further develop a child’s understanding of telling the time. 

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