Alphabet Activity

Find My Name in The Alphabet Train by Dr Niamh

We were kindly sent a copy of Find My Name in The Alphabet Train. A colourful, rhyming,  children’s book by Dr Niamh which can be personalised to feature your child’s name.

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What did we like about it?

  • Covers the Entire Alphabet– Great for helping children to learn the alphabet in a fun, engaging format. It also includes repetition of each letter, the sound of the letter and words that begin with each letter. Supporting children in learning to read with Phonics.

  • Personalised- Kids love personalised books. Having their name written throughout a book is really special.   
  • Illustrations– Eye catching and unique illustrations by Valeria Leonova, capture children’s interest.

  • Extends Vocabularly- By including words that children may not use or hear regularly, for example ‘bagsied’, Dr Niamh’s book helps to broaden a child’s vocabulary.

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