Christmas Activities

How To Make Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments 

If you are wanting inspiration for home made Christmas presents or a Christmas activity to do at home, nursery, school or pre-school then Salt Dough is a great option!

What do you need? 

3/4 cup water

1 cup salt

2 cups flour 

Playdough/biscuit cutters 

What do you do? 

It’s really simple, mix the salt and flour together then slowly add the water (keep stirring). 

Then knead it into dough! You can then make it into shapes- we used our Christmas biscuit cutters to make stars and Christmas trees. 

We also made a small hole at the top so we could thread ribbon through and hang on the Christmas tree when done!

Then pop in the oven at 180C (until hard, keep checking as the time varies depending on the thickness of the salt dough creations) 

Once dried and cooled- enjoy painting! 

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