Help and resources if the schools close

I’ve been getting a few messages from anxious parents about potential school closures etc. Here’s some help: ⭐️ Phonics:I’ve made two activity packs to download: Phase 1 (preschool level and suitable for older children ) download here Phase 2 (reception level & suitable for older children)download here there’s […]

Phase 1 Phonics Activities

What is Phonics? It can seem a bit daunting when you’re encouraged to help support your child with their phonics. Many of us weren’t taught to read and write using phonics ourselves and the first time we come across it may be when our children started at nursery […]

Home Learning Activity: Car Park Maths

This activity is so fun that children often don’t even realise they are learning. You basically draw out a car park onto a large piece of paper, number the spaces and cars and then encourage your child to try and park the cars in the corresponding, correct space. […]