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Under The Sea Activities for Kids

Looking for under the sea themed activities for children?

We’ve created a list of fun under the sea based activities to try, feel free to adapt them to suit your child. (If your child isn’t into this, don’t worry you could adapt the activities to another theme too)

Here’s some further info and instructions for two of the activities above:

  • How To Make a Peg Shark! Again- this is a fabulous fine motor activity, it’s also very cool! If you’re looking at ways to develop your child’s hand strength, this can be a really useful resource too. You can use it to play games, getting them to make the shark ‘eat’ smaller fish!

If you’re looking for resources to support learning and playing about under the sea, there’s lots of wonderful toys and books out there! Have a look for resources that we’ve reviewed about under the sea here.

  • Best under the sea themed books– If you’re looking for books for children about under the sea, here’s our favourites. Lots of variety too of non-fiction and fiction.

Other Activities

There are lots of activities you can do within the theme of ‘under the sea’. Here’s a few more suggestions from my blog.

  • Under The Sea Themed Foil Art– This is a wonderful, sensory activity that many children will enjoy! It looks beautiful when it’s complete too.

You’ll also find some under the sea/beach themed activities (as well as lots of other activities) in my book ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play‘ published by Jessica Kinglsey Publishers (Hachette). Each activity tells you which skills it helps your child to develop, everything from speech and language to hand-eye coordination and concentration- have a look! You can find it on all major book shops, here’s the amazon link (tip: if you’re not sure if its for you, click on the kindle option and you can ‘look inside’ the first few pages of my book before you decide to buy!)

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