Top Ten Animal Books and Toys for Primary Aged Children |AD

(AD) If you’re looking for the best animal themed books and toys for primary aged children, have a look at our list below. Many primary aged children love animals and it can be really popular choice of theme for birthday and Christmas presents. It can also be a fantastic theme for primary and pre-school topics. We’ve searched high and low to find the best animal themed books and toys to recommend to you for primary aged children:

  • Learning Resources Jumbo Pets– If you’re looking for great quality, toy pets then these adorable jumbo pets are for you! They are chunky, colourful and full of character – great for setting up small world play too.

  •  Forever Homes Series-  We absolute adore these books and I would highly recommend them. Either as a bedtime story/ class story that an adult reads to the children or as a reading book for children reading at around the age 5-7 level. They are just gorgeous! Each book follows twins Grace and Jack as they look to regime a pet with its perfect new owner. 

  • New Sprouts Puppy Play– If your child or the children you work with love dogs this little set by Learning Resources UK is perfect. The plush dog comes with a pretend bowl, food, bone and bed and is a real favourite with children. A fantastic resource for imaginative play too.

  • Little Live Pets Hedgehog– If you’ve not come across the Little Live Pets range, then I’d really recommend you take a look. They make very cute toy pets that move around. Our current favourite is the Hedgehog, not only does it move around by itself but it also curls up into a ball if it gets scared (knocks into something a couple of times). You can also buy it with it’s very own cage to move around in (complete with lift and slide) too here.

  • Little Kids First Big Book of Animals– If you’re looking for a book full of stunning animal photographs, have a look at this one by National Geographic Kids. It’s currently a bestseller on Amazon too.

  • Steve Backshall’s Deadly 60– Another fantastic animal book based on the very popular TV series is Steve Backshall’s Deadly 60. This book is packed full of facts about various interesting and deadly animals across the globe.

  • Playmobil Country Farm Horse Riding Arena – This absolutely amazing toy would make a brilliant birthday or Christmas present. Children can enjoy setting up the riding arena and playing imaginatively with the horses. An ideal gift for someone who loves horseriding!

  • Scruff-a-luvs Worlds Apart Collectable Figure– Children love these toys!! They are a soft toy that arrives all curled up and scruffy and it’s the children’s job to wash and groom them (whilst pretending they have rescued them!) to make them look lovely again! Wonderful for imaginative play and a very popular toy!

  • Pet Care Role Play Set– If your children, or the children you work with, enjoy pretending to be vets and looking after small animals then this set would be perfect. It enables children to play imaginatively as vets, caring for a sick pet with the various equipment. It also comes in a handy case!

  • Insect Lore Butterfly Garden- If you’re looking for something REAL then this incredible butterfly garden by Insect Lore is worth a look at. You can buy a cup of real caterpillars and your children can enjoy watching them go through the life cycle ultimately transforming into butterflies! They then get the magical experience of releasing butterflies into the wild. If you’ve not yet done this with your children or with the children you work with, please consider it as it is such a special experience.

Please note that this post contains some amazon affiliate links, for more information please see our about me section. We were gifted some items for the purpose of review, but all words and opinions are our own.

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