Review : Twoey’s 2 Tray Unit with Shelves (AD)

You may remember a couple of years ago we were raving about a really great, high quality bookcase by Twoey that we had tried out as a way of organising our many books (have a read of the review here).

Well, this week, we were fortunate enough to be able to try out another item from their furniture range- their ‘2 Tray Unit with Shelves’ and we absolutely love it! It’s just perfect for toy storage in classrooms, nurseries and at home.

What is it?

It’s a beautifully made, MDF covered unit that comes with two clear Gratnell Cubby trays. One side is made for the the trays to slide in and out and the other side is composed of a shelved area to store toys and resources neatly and accessibly. The top of the unit also has a lip at the back, meaning you can put toys and resources on top of the unit without the fear of loosing them down the back of it!

What did we like about it?

  • High quality – Like the bookcase we reviewed last time, this unit is designed and made to such a high standard. The materials are really high quality and it looks fantastic. The surface of the unit is smooth and very easy to keep clean. It’s also strong enough for little ones to sit on the top!

  • Curved edges – On thing I particularly love about this unit is that all the edges of it are curved making it lovely and safe for young children as there’s no sharp corners for little ones to catch or knock themselves on. This would be particularly important if you were looking for a storage unit for in a nursery with toddlers who are crawling and learning to walk. It is also a brilliant height fo young children who are learning to pull themselves up to standing and sturdy enough to hold their weight.

  • Accessible – Often furniture is designed with adults in mind, but what I adore about this unit is it’s made to be accessible for children…as they are the ones using it! It’s a perfect height for them to access independently and the drawers are easy to pull out and put back in safely. This makes it great for fostering independence during play. Children can choose what they would like to play with, get it out and (if you’re lucky!) put it away afterwards too.

  • Lightweight – I loved how lightweight the unit was too, I could easily lift it myself and re-position it in the room with ease. When building it, it also meant that the individual pieces weren’t too heavy to hold in place whilst attaching to one another.

  • Easy to build– The unit comes flat-packed with everything you need to build it in the box. We genuinely couldn’t believe how easy it was to build, it only took 5 minutes and we commented on how much easier the instructions were to follow that other flat pack furniture sets! It was a relief not to have a stressful furniture building session!
  • Designed and Made in the UK – What’s particularly lovely about Twoey’s furniture is that they are a family business and they design and make everything in the UK (in Cumbria). It’s also really clear from looking at all their resources on their website too that they understand the needs of nurseries, preschools and schools. Their resources are of high quality, last the test of time and are safe for children.

You can find their 2 Tray Unit with Shelves on their website here.

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