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Review: Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor

Christmas may just be around the corner, but if you’re like me and haven’t quite (…actually no where near) finished the Christmas gift shopping then have a read of this as I think we’ve found our favourite Imaginative play Toy of 2019!

We’ve been trying out the stylish Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor this week*. And I can’t tell you enough how absolutely beautiful it is. Just look!!


What is it?

The Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor is a stunning play house for Sylvanian Family toys and the home of the Sylvanian Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister called Stella. Whilst the set we have doesn’t  include Stella, you can buy her separately or buy the gift set that has the Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor with Stella included, its on Amazon here. Or you could just use it with any of your Sylvanian Family toys.

What did we like about it?

  • Quality and Gorgeous Details- As with all the Sylvanian toys, the Elegant Town Manor really looks and feels built to last. The quality, from the smooth movement when the doors open to the way the balcony fence slots into place with ease, shines through. It feels like one of those toys that after the kids have grown up, will be popped in the loft for future generations. The extra details really make this toy what it is. Children love little extras and its ornate detail on the walls and floors, moveable spiral stair case and ‘gold’ chandelier make this house very special.




  • Encourages Imaginative Play- Imaginative play is incredible important for a child’s development. It’s a lovely way that they can practise social situations and make sense of events that have happens by playing them out with toys. Sylvanian Families and this town house are fantastic resources for imaginative play. I’ve personally learnt a lot about childrens misunderstandings, worries etc from watching them play act situations using their Sylvanians. Walking them around, ‘talking’ from one Sylvanian to another etc. For example, I was watching children pretending to take their sylvanians for a flu vaccination the other day!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Space Saving- I’m sure I’m not the only one who rolls my eyes when I see my children open something large and plastic at Christmastime or birthdays! There’s only so much space in the house! Thankfully, the Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor is surprisingly space saving and compact. It’s large enough for several sylvanians to play in, but because it doesn’t have a back (and unlike dolls houses, doesn’t have the front that opens completely) it doesn’t take up much room. It can also be adapted to fit different spaces by moving the spiral staircase, fences and floor panels around.



  • Beautiful! If you’re after a toy with the wow factor that will tempt children to play imaginatively, then this is the one. It’s a beautiful house that would look lovely in anyones bedroom, playroom, lounge. I’ve also been reminded by my small assistant, that it looks exactly like the Town Manor on the Sylvanian video clips!


Find Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor on Amazon here.



*Please note we were sent a sample for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links, please read our About Me section for more information. Elegant Town Manor doesn’t come with the Sylvanian Family toys pictured, these are our own toys for the purpose of the photographs. 

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