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Review: Tiny Town Push and Play books

We’ve fallen a little bit in love with these new Tiny Town Push and Play books by Imagine That Publishers. If you’re after a way of enticing your child to enjoy books, stay engaged in a story and have fun then these books are for you!

Kids can literally take out the main character of the book, hold them in their hands and play with them! Each book has a road or path running across the pages and on each double spread the centre of the book cleverly folds out to become a bridge, allowing children to move the character under it.

It’s such a simplistic yet absolutely brilliant design that captivates children.

What did we like about it?

  • Prioritises Fun and Play! In my opinion young children should be playing, giggling and having fun and these books prioritise this. The stories are light hearted, play based and physically involve the children playing throughout. The illustrations are gorgeous too.

  • Engages Children– by practically disguising itself as a toy these books are absolutely brilliant at engaging children in reading and books. They would make a brilliant resource for children who have been previously disengaged with books and reading and need to be reminded of the enjoyment you can get from a book.

  • Great for Imaginative Play– Children are encouraged to ‘act out’ with the push out piece what is happening in the book. Not only is this fabulous for imaginative play (find out the importance of this here) but it’s VERY clever as it means children have to listen, engage, process and understand what is happening in the story in order to do this! This helps children with their attention, listening skills and introduces them to comprehension skills.

    Wonderful for Gifts– I often think you can’t go wrong with a book for a present. And if you’re buying a present for a young child or toddler these books are ideal because they are practically guaranteed to be special and different to their other books. They are on my list of books to buy for my friends’ children for birthdays this year!

Find them on Amazon here (Hide & Squeak) & here (Monster Dash) , Hive here and visit Imagine That’s website here.

Why not follow Imagine That Publishers on Social Media? Here’s their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

* Please note this blog post was sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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