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Review: Sensory Yoga for Kids by Britt Collins

Written by Britt Collins, a Pedriatric Occupational Therapist from Colarado State University, this book provides a detailed guide of how yoga can benefit children of all abilities. As a mum and a tutor for children with Special Educational Needs ( I was intrigued by this book and the […]


In a previous blog post I spoke about the difficulties of comprehension tasks for some children. In my search for accessible and engaging comprehension activities I came across a website called Part of ‘Learning A-Z’, Raz-Kids is an online learning platform packed full of interesting fiction and […]

Review: Autism Parenting Magazine

As a tutor for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)( it is incredibly important for me to keep up to date with current SEN issues. Working in a school enabled me to discuss ideas with my colleagues, whereas working for myself means it is imperitive that I read […]

Making a Sentence

I’ve been on the hunt recently for a fun way to encourage children to write sentences. I didn’t want my tutoring sessions to always have the child writing on a piece of paper. These ‘Sentence Building Dominoes’ by Crossbow Education have been a hit. So far I’ve discovered […]

How to start…

I chose this as my first post, as I thought it was apt. As I’m sat here thinking how to start my first ‘post’ I realised I’m feeling exactly how thousands of children feel sat in a classroom being told to start writing. Here’s how we feel…. amongst […]